Monday, March 7, 2016

Where’s Jack?

Hey Jack, you weren’t at RSA/Shmoo/Derby, what’s up with that?

Well, life and stuff.  But I am out and about quite a bit, I’m just much more likely to be at smaller and more regional events lately.  I heard there were something like 40,000 people at RSA, it seemed to do OK without me this year.

In the upcoming weeks and months I’ll be speaking at the following events:

BSides Salt Lake City, March 10-11

Chattanooga ISSA, March 14

InfoSec Southwest, Austin, April 8-10

Alberta (ISC)2, Calgary, April 27

BSides Calgary, April 28-29

Rocky Mountain Information Security Summit, Denver, May 11-12

ISSA-LA Summit, May 19-20

IT-PRO, Seekonk MA, June 15

ISSA-NE, Waltham MA, July 12

And I’m sure I’ll be at a few more.  See you on the road.