Monday, January 26, 2015

Infosecurity Europe’s new “Intelligent Defence” conference

My friends over at Infosecurity Europe have been listening to their attendees- and that’s pretty cool.  From the Intelligent Defence site:

“Infosecurity Europe's meticulous research revealed that attendees of the Number 1 exhibition and conference in Europe require more in-depth, technical research sessions.”

The folks at Infosecurity listened, and then acted, creating this new conference which will run parallel with Infosecurity Europe.  Again from the Intelligent Defence site:

“Infosecurity Intelligent Defence 2015 is a two-day, technical security conference, focusing on the latest research into vulnerabilities and exploits and sharing insight into how to defend against them. The Conference provides a new and exciting platform for the latest technical research and defensive tools and techniques to be shared with the wider information security community.”

I am honored to be a member of the Advisory council for Intelligent Defence, along with industry luminaries Dr, Eric Cole, Rik Ferguson, Trey Ford, and James Lyne.

The call for papers for Intelligent Defence is open until Thursday, February 12, so act fast if you want to get in on the first year of this new event.

Note: yes, I know they spell “defence” (and a lot of other things) funny over there- like what’s with all the extra “u”s?  (I must now run and hide from my “proper” English speaking friends).