Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yeah, I’m sick of hearing it too. So just go vote.

(ISC)2 member?  Read on.  Not a member?  You may not care about this one- although if you are in the InfoSec field the results of the election may be of interest.

It is election time for the (ISC)2 again.  As I’ve said before, I don’t have much hope for fixing that mess, but some folks are really trying to make a difference, and if it won’t die I guess I should support them.

The candidates are listed here.  As you peruse that list, you’ll note that all candidates hold some (ISC)2 cert, most CISSP- that’s because it is a requirement for board service.  If I were educated I’d start tossing around phrases like selection bias, confirmation bias, sunk costs, and stuff like that.  Instead I’ll just say that I would prefer a more diverse board.  The US is well represented, and the slate is almost exclusively male.  But, there are some folks out there trying to reduce the suck, and they believe they are making progress.  Vote for the ones you think will try to steer the beast in the direction you want.

For me, I’m happy condemning Wim Remes to another term of board service, and would happily sentence Allison Miller to join him.  That left two votes, I removed “US males” in an effort to push diversity and made my choices from the remaining three.  Use whatever method you like for choosing candidates, but vote if you are eligible.

And I didn’t even get a stupid “I voted” sticker…