Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hacker Summer Camp and @HackerRoad

Next week is “Hacker Summer Camp”, also known as BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, and DEF CON week.  As you might expect, I’ll be at BSides most of next week, then heading over to DEF CON when we finish hiding all the bodies cleaning up and packing out.  We have a killer lineup for BSidesLV as always, and Irongeek will be recording the sessions so you can catch up if you won’t be joining us or miss one you want to see.

I’ll be giving a talk in the Common Ground track, a decidedly non-InfoSec talk:

The Erudite Inebriate’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Purſuit of Happineſs

An exploration of bitters, classic cocktails and other stuff

That will be on Wednesday at 16:30 in the Tuscany room.  I’ll also be joining the all-star lineup of Davi Ottenheimer, Raymond Umerley, Steve Werby, David Mortman and George V.  Hulme on Thursday at 12:30 in Florence G for a panel discussion on breach notifications, ethics, and law.

I’ll once again be participating in DEF CON Hacker Pyramid and beard competitions, and of course providing logistical support for the FAIL Panel.  But no pink camisoles this year.  Well, probably not.  Possibly something worse, though.

And finally, for a little entertainment, follow the adventures of video guy Steve and I as we drive from Cape Cod to Las Vegas and back.  Face it, you’ll just be pretending to work until next week, either in prep for the trip, or out of bitterness because you can’t go.  So follow the adventures on Twitter at @HackerRoad as we wander the countryside cursing the latest update to Google Maps for Android, stop at distilleries, and spread cheer wherever we go. Or something like that. Maps, photos, video, etc. will be posted to or linked from that Twitter feed.  (Yes, that’s the old Shmoobus account, rebranded for a more wide-ranging set of adventures).  The road trip is made possible by my awesome employers at Tenable Network Security, who are too smart to directly sponsor something this silly, but are kind enough to indulge me taking time for such madness.