Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who put all that travel on my calendar?

I did it to myself if I’m honest.  I will grumble about airlines, the TSA, hotels, cabs, etc.- but the great thing is that I get to see old friends, meet folks, and have some engaging (and inane) conversations.  Some of my upcoming adventures are below- if you’ll be at these events or in the general area either find me and say hello, or hide from me, as you feel appropriate.

I’ll be at BSides Austin later this week, participating in a cloud computing panel and later giving an update on the stress and burnout research.  And joining in Hackers on a Duck III.

Next week I will be helping at SOURCE Boston and MassHackers BeaCon (both in Boston), followed by a trip to London for Infosecurity Europe where I’ll be working the Tenable booth (and hopefully sneaking over to BSides London).

After just enough time to do some laundry, I’ll be at NAISG Securanoia in Boston, helping with the event and speaking on the state of information (in)security, then off to InterOP in Las Vegas where I’ll join the panel “So you want to be a Tech Influencer”.  Next stop will be BSidesROC, in Rochester, NY, and then maybe home before heading out again to Las Vegas and who knows where else.  Travel arrangements per that old Johnny Cash song.

I’m not hard to spot, subtlety is not one of my strong suits- find me and chat.