Friday, November 18, 2011

(ISC)2 election reminder

Not that you are likely to forget, but if you are an (ISC)2 member (hold the CISSP or other certification), the election is on for the Board of Directors.

There were a handful of unendorsed candidates who tried to make it onto the ballot,  One candidate, Wim Remes, made the ballot.  Two others, Rolf Moulton and Javed Ikbal missed making the ballot, but are running as write-in candidates.  And, of course there is the endorsed slate.

First: you should vote if you are eligible. That’s the most important part- participate, and vote for those you feel best represent you.

Second: My opinion may not be relevant to you, but I’m voting for Wim. And writing in Rolf and Javed. I think Wim can win, and I hope he does- I have faith in him.  I also hope that frustration with (ISC)2 can get Javed and Rolf on the board, too.

You can vote for up to four.  I’ll be voting for three.  I will say that at least one of the board “elders” represents what I feel is wrong with (ISC)2, and to a certain extent, InfoSec.  Choose wisely, and hope it makes a difference.

Oh, yeah- it is the (ISC)2 website, so the links don’t go where you expect and one thing labeled “ballot” dead-ends at the candidate page.  At least I didn’t see any certificate errors this time.  If you have problems voting, complain to (ISC)2.

Go here to vote:

If you choose to write-in candidates, please make sure their names are spelled correctly.  There are instructions on both Javed and Rolf’s websites.