Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spaf’s Memorial Day thoughts on “CyberWar”

Take a few minutes and go read Gene Spafford’s “U.S. Memorial Day Thoughts on Cyber War”.  This is not the typical “OMFG THE SKY IS FALLING ONLY THE GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY CONTRACTORS CAN SAVE US FROM THINGS THEY CAN’T DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST!!!11!1” bullshit we regularly see, nor is it the oft-repeated flippant dismissal of the existence of whatever it is people mean by “cyber war”.  It is a reasoned and balanced view of the current situation, and a look at where we seem to be headed- from the perspective of Dr. Spafford.

His observations about the state of technology education may be the scariest thing about the situation, and if unchecked will likely be more devastating than any “attack” we may suffer.