Friday, March 18, 2011

If you aren’t doing THIS, you aren’t doing your job.

Ever heard that from someone?  It doesn’t really matter what “this” is, “this” is always a critical component of your job which you are foolishly overlooking.  Curious, really.  It turns out that many people are actually too busy doing their jobs to be bothered with doing what other people think their jobs are.

If you say this to someone, or to an audience, be prepared to be shut down.  I am not saying never do it, but you need to consider the risks of alienating your audience.  Sometimes people need a wake up call, but know that this, or similar statements, can lose people- it gives them an excuse to ignore you.

Flip it over:

If I were in your situation, even with everything you have to deal with, I would be very concerned about THIS, and making plans for it, because…

There, make the point, avoid getting rotten fruit thrown.