Friday, March 18, 2011

BSides Austin Job Board

It looks like the security biz is doing OK. At Security BSides Austin companies were trying to fill several positions- so I thought I would list them here.  Not turning into a job board, this is not an endorsement of anyone (although companies involved in BSides are pretty cool in my book).

Trustwave – junior and senior app pentesters needed

AlientVault – Pre- and Post-sales tech

NetWitness - SE and services positions

Atsec – Software evaluators and seasoned pentesters

AlertLogic – Security Analysts and Developers

Denim Group – All kinds of cool stuff

No links, Jack?  You could look at the jobs board pics on the BSides Austin Flickr set.  Or maybe as the Google, that dude knows everything (and some of it is even correct).

Oh, yeah.  BSides Austin rocked.  It was a BSides, in Austin, what did you expect?