Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BSides Updates

Out of control, but in a good way.  It was an idea kicked around on Twitter eighteen months ago.  Then the first event happened, and went amazingly well.  And then more happened. And the growth continues.  It is a simple idea, really.  Get people together, bring in good content and engaged participants.  Have fun, learn, share, repeat. 

There have been twelve events in eleven cities in the past eighteen months.  From a few dozen to several hundred people have participated in the various events.  Dozens of companies have sponsored in amounts ranging from a hundred dollars to those who have provided tens of thousands. There are at least eight new cities planning BSides events in the next several months, plus second year events in more.

The most recent event was in Ottawa, that was the first one outside of the US- and there are at least two more locations planned for Canada next year.  Later this month, BSides Berlin, BerlinSides will be the first European BSides- but there will be one in London in the spring.  Another is in the planning stages for New Delhi.

Head over to www.securitybsides.org for information on upcoming events, and to see where we’ve been.  The next events on the horizon are:

Berlin during 27C3 (27c3 is now sold out).  There are even a couple of speaking slots open if you submit quickly you could get on the schedule- and as always there will be space for breakouts, impromptu talks, and private discussions.

Minneapolis/St Paul, at the Wabasha Street Caves, January 7.

The second BSides San Francisco will be February 14 and 15, registration and call for papers are still open, location will be announced soon- and it is a great one.

Then the second Austin event will be Friday and Saturday, March 11-12.  As with San Francisco, the location is going to rock, and will be announced soon.

There is even talk of a SkiSides, a BSides at a ski resort.  Keep an eye on the BSides wiki for all the details of upcoming events.  There is bound to be one near you.  And if not, you can help make one happen- send a note to info (at) securitybsides.org to find out about organizing an event.

Finally, sponsors make it possible, and BSides provides unique opportunities for organizations to promote themselves and support the community.  info (at) securitybsides.org is the address for sponsor info, too.  Or email me directly (you can find the address somewhere up there ^ from the blog header), I’ll be happy to answer questions about BSides.