Monday, September 13, 2010

SecTorBus will roll, will you?

There will be another road trip this fall, to the excellent SecTor Security Education Conference in Toronto.  The conference portion of SecTor runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 26 and 27.  (there are also classes in the education portion).

Take one:




add a handful of hackers, then drive to image




and look out world.

The tentative schedule calls for the RV to make the run from Northern Virginia to the Boston Area on Sunday, October 24, Boston to Toronto on Monday.  Return trip to Boston will be Wednesday night, Boston to NoVa will be later on Thursday after a bit of rest.

Big thanks to Astaro- they have come through again to sponsor the trip, so it will be free to join us on the ride.  You will need to cover  your own conference, food and lodging expenses, but if you haven’t already registered for SecTor let me know, there should be a discount code soon for SecTorBus riders.  Due to local regulations, we cannot sleep in the RV in Toronto, so you will need a room (or a friend with a room).

Keep in mind that Toronto is in Canada, which is like a whole other country.  There will be border crossings, which means you will need a passport if you wish to make a round trip.

Once again we will be renting an RV, we should have plenty of power for laptops, and where there is coverage on the US side we will have a rolling 3g hotspot compliments of Astaro.

If you would like to join us, drop a note to jdaniel |at| for more info.