Monday, March 22, 2010

Security BSides San Francisco and Austin

That was fantastic! But please remind me to leave more than ten days between these things, OK? Two more amazing BSides events have happened, first in San Francisco, then in Austin.IMG_0858

San Francisco was a two day event, there is a lot of information of the event site, audio and video will be posted "as volunteer time permits". The talks were great, every one, and the second incarnation of the PCI/Compliance panel we did at Shmoocon included a merchant and a QSA, with (not surprisingly) some strong opinions from the audience. There are more details on all presentations on the talks page. I have a photo set up in Flickr from BSides San Francisco.

IMG_1196Austin was a one day, less structured event, lining up with SXSWi, but not a traditional security conference- and there was very little crossing of the audiences. We tried to downplay expectations, but ended up with great attendance and amazing content again- and we did it in a true unconference format, even using Open Spaces in one of the rooms for breakout sessions while having the other room set up for traditional presentation formats. Links to audio and video are also being added to the site as they are posted. I have photos and a IMG_1254few video clips of BSides Austin, including the amazing afterparty, Hackers on a Duck- an after-hours, grown-up version of the classic Duck Tour.

Now that I've had a week to recover, I am really looking forward to the upcoming BSides Boston event, if you want to join us there, please sign up at EventBright, and if you would like to speak, sign up on the talks page. We will most likely do a hybrid model, some scheduled talks and some rooms setup for breakouts and impromptu conversations.