Thursday, February 18, 2010

They've gone too far. Waaaay too far.

I get it, kids these days, they just can't be trusted. Just like kids for all of eternity couldn't be trusted (especially me).  So, do the best we can, set an example, hope for the best and deal with the worst.  Or maybe we should spy on the little guttersnipes, use technology to surreptitiously monitor them and take incriminating photos without informing them or their parents that it is happening.  Let's issue them bugged laptops and monitor them everywhere, even at home, even in their bedrooms, what a great idea.  So what if it is unconscionable and likely criminal?

OK, Jack, did they give you a Magic Mushroom Latte at Starbucks this morning?  Latest copy of Conspiracy Theory Digest just arrive? Sadly, iStock_000002116200XSmallno- the Lower Merion School District (PA) has implemented just such a plan.  This boingboing article outlines the story and there is more detail in this Courthouse News article.

I think the administrators responsible are very lucky people- our current legal system is not allowed to deal with this kind of behavior appropriately, because nothing the law can do to these school administrators comes close to what a righteously outraged parent would like to do.