Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shmoocon 6 and the Shmoobus II

It has been a week, and I've almost recovered.  Shmoocon was great as it always is, in spite of a blizzard- something the DC area is not prepared to deal with.

The Shmoobus was another great adventure, many thanks to Astaro for sponsoring the RV again this year.  It was a real adventure trying to get home through the horrific streets of DC, and the total mess of the beltway and I-95 between DC and Baltimore- but I piloted the Shmoobus home with no physical scars to rig or riders.  Emotional scars are another story.  Travel with us through the magic of the Internet:

Shmoobus Tumblr

My Flickr Set

A Twitter Search

There will be video at the Hacker News Network, but you are already watching HNN, right?

A good wrap-up of the con from Anton Chuvakin

Our panel discussion was on Sunday morning  (Anton's thought on the panel) and it was good, even if Josh Corman had to play the part of Max Headroom and come to us via video stream since he could not get to DC because of the Weather.  We had a lively discussion, and I am confident that everyone present disagreed with something said during the hour- and some good conversations were started from the panel.  I can tell you that black Shmooballs flying through a darkened room make moderating a panel much more interesting than it would otherwise be.  Thanks again to my co-conspirators Mike Dahn, Josh Corman, and Anton Chuvakin for making it possible.