Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coast to Coast B-Sides

Security B-Sides in Las Vegas and Mountain View were great successes, and there are more on the horizon.  If you are near (or will bsidesbe near) any of them, please join us.

B-Sides San Francisco will be held at pariSoma, 1436 Howard St. (at 10th) in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday March 2-3.  Not coincidentally, there's some other security conference in San Francisco that week.  This will rock, the lineup looks fantastic already.  Thanks to all the sponsors, especially the folks at BigFix, who will be running their shuttle busses again this year- with B-Sides on the route, so transportation will be a breeze.

B-Sides Austin is just ten days later, on Saturday March 13.  This will be during SXSW Interactive, so downtown venues were locked up- but we have a great venue not far from downtown at the Norris Conference Centers at 2525 West Anderson Lane.  We will have two adjacent rooms, and are working out details now.  Maybe more formal presentations in one room and panels/discussions in the other?  Maybe some Cone of Silence sessions- where those who can't talk openly for one reason or another can talk openly with others, under NDA if necessary.  (I know what you're thinking, "NDAs at a B-Sides?", but the idea is that there are a lot of people who would otherwise be shut out of the conversations- a little sharing is much better than none.  And this is only one of the ideas we have, so chill).

B-Sides Boston will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 24-25, at Microsoft's New England R&D facility in Cambridge.  That's the weekend after SOURCE Boston, so it will be a great time to expand on some great conversations and begin new ones.

As always, these will be free events (but there will be a "tip jar" if you want to help).  And yes, more sponsors would be greatly appreciated- equipment rental, meeting space, and beer do not grow on trees.  But what we really want is help spreading the word, and for you to join us at the events.  These are community events, that means you- tell us what you want, and help make it happen.