Friday, September 11, 2009

Security Twits Road Trip III, the SecTorBus

We're doing it again, this time to the awesome Sector Security Education Conference busin lovely Toronto, Ontario.  Last year the inaugural trip rolled from Boston to Dayton, via the DC area.  Then we did the (in)famous ShmooBus trip to Shmoocon earlier this year.

Tentative plans call for a departure from the Northern Virginia area, gathering Security Twits and others on the way to Boston, then heading into the Great White North.  [I REALLY hope it is not so white in early October].

We have learned a few things from the previous adventures, and thus we hope to make new and exciting mistakes this time.  I nothing else comes up, a border crossing should provide plenty of opportunity for entertainment.

Once again a big thank you goes to my employer, Astaro, for sponsoring the trip.