Friday, May 1, 2009

Playing Matchmaker

I don't normally parrot job posts, especially here on the blog, but I know plenty of people are looking for work, and I know some security vendors who are looking for people, so here goes my attempt at hopefully helping both.  (Not an endorsement of them, I have no details, I'm just passing along the information).  If you are looking for a new position, you have probably already found these through the wonder of Google, but just in case...

Kaspersky has openings in Woburn, MA:

BigFix and Fortinet have openings, most around the SF Bay area, but other locations, too:


ICANN has several openings:

Symantec also has some positions open:

IBM's looking for consultants to work in their hosted av space. Involves malware disassembly. Fishkill NY (They have plenty of other listing on their careers site, but I know these are real, active openings).

I have no desire to turn this into a job board, but if you know of REAL openings for direct hires (not through agencies), let me know and maybe I'll add them to the list.