Saturday, April 11, 2009

What's happening, and where

I'll be at the RSA conference in San Francisco on April 20th through 24th- during most of the days, I'll be working the booth for the nice folks who routinely give me a paycheck, otherwise I'll be catching some talks and checking out some vendors.  In the evenings I plan on crashing as many parties as possible- I am especially looking forward to this year's Security Blogger's Meetup- last year's was great and I expect this year's to be even better.  Track me down if you'll be at RSA, I'm pretty easy to find.  The corporate overlords may have a reception thingie, if they do I'll put the word out via Twitter so interested folks can come and drink their booze.

Before RSA, I will not be at Notacon.  But if you have the chance, you should go, Notacon sounds great and has a solid reputation, but it is just too close to RSA to work into my schedule for this year.  Maybe I'll get there next year.

I think I'll stay close to home for a few weeks after that, then maybe a blacksmith event or two and then the Catalyst Camping Conversations.

Yes, there will be more road trips...