Sunday, March 15, 2009

bluCTRL, use your BlackBerry to control your laptop.

Ah, toys. A couple of days ago many of us were impressed envious to see Michael Dahn use his iPhone as a remote while giving his very good "Cloud Compliance and Privacy" presentation at SOURCE Boston- but now, thanks to a Tweet from James Arlen (aka mycurial) I discovered a tool that lets those who use a Crack BlackBerry to control your laptop via BlueTooth.  Yeah- all the normal BlueTooth warnings apply, turn BlueTooth off when you don't need it, make sure devices aren't in discoverable mode while you are using them, only use discoverable mode when you need to pair new devices and do the discovery/pairing in a safe place.

bluCTRL has two parts, the listener which runs on the computer to be controlled, and an agent which runs on your 'Berry.  From the site:

"bluCTRL, is an application that turns your BlackBerry into a full wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. With bluCTRL, you can now conduct powerpoint presentations, surf the web, and control your media center from your BlackBerry. This "in your pocket" convenience works with any Bluetooth enabled laptop or PC, giving you the ability to control multiple machines from a single device."

It is simple to set up and works well, but let's face it- this is all about alpha-geekdom, utility is just a bonus.