Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another reason to attend SOURCE Boston

Remember the first time you used l0phtcrack to pop a password? Then, remember when you heard the project was going away under its new corporate overloads?  Wouldn't it be cool if the old l0pht crew revived it and brought it back from the grave?  Darn Skippy it would be cool.

Maybe you want to wander over to - from the site:

"L0phtCrack is back! At a special information session at SOURCE Boston (Thursday, 10:15am), the team that brought you L0phtCrack will be releasing version 6 of the highly-acclaimed Windows password auditing tool. Come to the session to learn about this release, its new features and platform support, and the story of the product from the days of the L0pht, to @stake, Symantec, and finally back to the L0pht."