Saturday, January 10, 2009

The roads may never be the same.

Security Twits Road Trip 2, aka the ShmooBus, is on.  I have apparently recovered from the first SecTwits Road Trip  (lots of pics here) and I've rented another 30' RV.  Departing the Boston area the morning of Thursday, February 5 and arriving at the Marriott Wardman Park for Shmoocon that evening- return trip beginning at the conference end Sunday afternoon.

busTickets for Shmoocon are completely sold out, but if you have (or can find) a ticket and want to join us let me know, there may still be a seat or two open.


Why? Because it is a road trip, and it is Shmoocon.


And, on the bus or not, stay tuned for info about the expanded after-hours events at Shmoocon, including another Podcaster's meetup and much more.