Sunday, January 4, 2009

A fresh perspective on Network Security

A friend of mine, Tim Cronin, has starting blogging- sharing his ideas and experiences as he comes to grips with the world of network security.  He even has a mission statement for his blog:

"The mission of this blog is to provide the technology community with lucid, easy-to-understand breakdowns of information security topics from the viewpoint of a security newcomer.
In my short time as an engineer for an internet security vendor, I have noticed that a lot of systems administrators are thrust into positions in which they did not prepare themselves or are confronted with issues that they did not anticipate. Technology is a broad industry, after all. I am creating this blog as a guide to information security concerns targeted at the "do-it-all" systems administrator that may not have had a chance to specialize in security. I hope that even the most seasoned security professional will gain a new outlook on these topics as well.
Please stay posted as this blog becomes full of useful content!

Tim offers a fresh perspective on things, head over to his Security Workshop and see what you think.