Saturday, December 13, 2008

SC World Congress follow up

I attended SC World Congress earlier this week, I need to put some research and thought into several things and write about them later- but for now here are some thoughts and observations.

  • It was a pretty good show, especially for a first event.
  • The Jericho Forum never wanted to steal our firewalls.  (but you knew that).
    • Besides De-perimeterization, they are contemplating the nature of collaboration, and they are steeling themselves to face the "cloud".
  • A drinking game involving the word/prefix "cyber" would kill any human in under ten minutes at a keynote at such events.
  • From a vendor perspective, people are still buying, but not a lot, and they are paying attention to what they buy.
  • The folks at Core Security are still cool.
  • I like to ridicule and criticize DHS and FEMA as much as most sentient beings, but they are doing something very good- free security training.
    • Go to to see the course curriculum, four courses are online and five more are in process.
    • There are courses for non-technical people, technical professionals, and business professionals.

And not directly related to SC World Congress, except that it was in NYC:

  • I'm not normally a big sushi fan, but Blue Fin, in the W Hotel in Times Square could change that.
  • Rm Fifty5 at the Dream Hotel in the Theater District is a fancy "hole in the wall" (that is a good thing, at least as far as I'm concerned), even if they can't make a decent Mojito.

I wish I could go to 25c3, but I won't make it, so I'll just have to wait for Shmoocon and SOURCE Boston for my next conference fixes.