Friday, November 21, 2008

Julie Amero case finally over, justice is not served

The infamous Julie Amero case is finally over.  She deserves better, but she didn't get it.  The school district, police, prosecutors and many others deserve another round of public humiliation for gross incompetence.

You remember, the poor substitute teacher who allegedly exposed her students to pornography- on a school PC which did not have up to date anti-virus software on a network without web filtering- and has spent years battling a felony conviction over the incident.

The story is here, and more from Rick Green on Julie Amero's case here.  Alex Eckelberry at Sunbelt has been involved, here is his take on it.  Amrit Williams summed it up well in this post.

It is simply not right.  If you don't know about this case, please take some time to learn about it.  As Alex Eckelberry said, "We can’t have another Julie."