Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Internet is not broken again.

That's right, in spite of what some have said about the Louis/Lee/Sockstress- Latest Thing to Break the InternetTM, the Internet is not broken again.

The Internet is still broken. Broken again implies the existence, however brief, of a state of unbroken-ness, and that is just silly. 

But, even though it is broken, bus it still works.  Like one of the busses you see in travelogues of impoverished foreign lands, we all know the Internet is unsafe and could break at any minute- but everyone (including the thieves) hopes the bus keeps on trucking, because we need it to.  So, until the Internet really does fall off a cliff on a winding mountain road- you, I and everyone else in IT and security will keep putting on our coveralls and keep playing mechanic to the Internet. And hoping for the best.