Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day-Con II Wrap-up

Day-Con II was great, and I'm already looking forward to next year.  Staring with Tyler Durden's "Viral Art: Writing a Blender Virus" and Robert Hensing's "Targeted Attacks" on Friday night, the event began with solid technical content- and it continued throughout the day on Saturday.  A full list of presenters and abstracts can be found here.  It is hard to pick out high points- several members of the ERNW team gave very good presentations, the lovely and talented Chris Hoff reprised his "Four Horsemen" talk, and many more.  And there was the ninja- who gave his presentation without speaking (he used text-to-speech synthesis to read slides and notes, and used his katana as a pointer).

Then there was the after-party.  If you missed it, you missed something out of the ordinary.  Just ask the Flabongo.

Of course, getting there is half the fun, but that is covered in my Security Twits Road Trip posts, a summary to come soon.