Saturday, August 23, 2008

The wisdom of Trolls

On a recent evening the infamous Bill Bilano, noted Internet troll, made an oddly insightful set of posts on Twitter:bill-mangay

  1. I think I am going to fuzz twitter.
  2. A
  3. AA
  4. AAA
  5. Hell with it, booring. This is secure. On to the next web app!

Amazing as it is, I think he may have captured a pretty realistic look at a big chunk of the IT world. The reality of security is that there's a lot of tedious work that has to be done, it isn't all sexy hacks and Internet fame- and many people just aren't up to the task.

[Note, my dear imaginary friend, Mr. Bilano, has called me out for some errors and omissions. To be clear, "troll" in this context refers to his alleged online behavior, it is in no way meant to malign his rugged good looks.  If you are interested in the wit and wisdom of Mr. Bilano carefully click here to see his "bloglog". Not for the faint of heart.]