Sunday, August 24, 2008

Security Twits Road Trip

It was a joke.  At first.  For several days Twitter was filled with comments complaining about the general and specific failures of modern air travel as people made their way home from Black Hat and DefCon- then it was my turn.  Upon arriving in Manchester, NH after a red-eye from Vegas to Cleveland and the early morning hop from Cleveland to Manchester, I commented that I would never fly again and suggested driving ROAD TRIPS for all future conferences.

It is happening.  The Security Twits road show begins.


ToorCon is too soon and too far for a first run. Sec Tor is very promising, but the thought of a border crossing (they act like Canada is a whole other country these days!) makes that a bit tricky.  Day-Con, however, has potential.  Ohio is another world compared to the East Coast, but there are no tricky border crossings.

I am shopping for a conversion van/minibus/motorhome rental for the trip and a few hearty souls to make the trip with me.  The nice folks at work (Astaro) have offered to help with the expense of the inaugural trip.

Day-Con's main program is on Saturday, October 11- with some pre-con presentations on Friday night.  Google Maps claims that with bladders of steel and no fuel stops Dayton is about 13 1/2 hours from Boston.  Depending on who wants to join the trip and where, we may need to start Thursday evening. Sunday is a recovery and travel day, so we should be able to get everyone back to their northeast starting points by that night.

A few brave Security Twits have stepped up, we need a few more- and then some input on scheduling and routing.  Any more Security Twits interested?  Let me know.

And stay tuned for more road trips- Shmoocon [February 6-8] and SOURCE Boston [March 9-13] could be next, and then...