Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BlackHat and DefCon, or Preaching to the Choir (Updated)

I'm headed to BlackHat and DefCon in a few weeks. And undoubtedly I will once again point out the disconnect between "real" security types and much of the real world.

So if these events are just a bunch of security geeks and hackers getting together, where's the relevance? Isn't it really just preaching to the choir? What's the point in that when the people who need to get the message aren't there or listening? Why go through the torment and degradation that defines modern air travel just to stress-test your liver?

Oops, posted with a paragraph missing (and a completely different meaning)- here's what should have been included:

There is one very good reason to go to these kinds of events- because as "the choir" it is our responsibility to spread the word to the rest of the world. If we need to hang out with a few thousand other security and hacker types and sacrifice some brain and liver cells to keep up with the latest news so that we can spread the word- I am willing to make that sacrifice for the good of the world.