Monday, May 12, 2008

Podcast updates

It has been a while since I reviewed my list of security podcasts and a few new ones have made it into rotation since I last visited the topic. My regular listens and a link to the Getmon Security Podcast list are in my widget (over there on the right, scroll down a bit and you'll see it). Click away at any of the titles for episode details, links to pages, or to play episodes.

My previous recommendations still stand:

  • Pauldotcom Security Weekly
    • Pauldotcom has grown into an empire, with video and webcasts and an entire community involved.
  • The Network Security Podcast
    • Rich Mogull is now Martin McKeay's cohost and his addition has expanded the perspective of this great show.
  • CyberSpeak
    • Brett and Ovie continue to deliver informative and entertaining forensics and cyber-crime content on a quasi-weekly basis (They are busy guys).
  • Security Now*
    • Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte talk security, and stuff.
    • *figure out the asterisk for yourself.

And newer in the rotation:

  • Risky Business
    • This one is a must-listen, an outstanding weekly podcast featuring news and interviews hosted by Patrick Gray (Patrick Gray is great, and he also has a weekly networking and systems podcast, "A Series of Tubes").
  • The Silver Bullet Podcast:
    • In-depth conversations with leading security gurus, hosted by Gary McGraw, sponsored by IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine.
  • Radio Free Security
    • A good podcast aimed at the small business IT administrator produced by WatchGuard LiveSecurity Service reporters.
    • NOTE- this shares a feed with their "Firebox Special", a podcast dedicated to the WatchGuard Firebox. Unless you are a customer, you may want to skip those.

And a few seem to have faded away, but I haven't completely given up on them:

  • The Security Roundtable [UPDATE: The Round Table is back, see comments below]
  • The Rear Guard
  • Sploitcast*
    • *Not quite dead.

Happy Listening!