Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Reluctant CISSP

Jack Daniel, Reluctant CISSP.  What the heck does "Reluctant CISSP" mean?

It means several things, sometimes it means I am reluctant to admit I am a CISSP because:

  • some people don't understand the CISSP certification
  • the attitudes and/or behavior of a few CISSPs give us a bad reputation
  • CISSPs tend to be managers, and mangers tend to be... managers
  • in some circumstances it sounds like bragging
  • sometimes the ISC2 seems to be headed in a different direction than I would like

It does not mean I do not value the certification, nor does it mean I do not respect others who hold the CISSP credential.  It also doesn't mean I have given up on ISC2, even if I would like to see some things change fairly significantly in the organization.

I have commented on the CISSP before and my opinion hasn't changed, just my tagline.