Saturday, February 23, 2008

Upcoming Conferences and Events

A few upcoming events of note. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend any of the local ones.

Source Boston
March 12-14. A new security conference, featuring keynotes by Dan Geer, Steven Levy and Richard Clarke. Featuring a wide variety of presentations in three tracks: Business and Security, Application Security, and Security and Technology. Presentations include a reunion of L0pht Heavy Industries and talks by several industry luminaries including Rich Mogull, Chris Hoff, Mike Rothman and many others.

BU Security Camp
March 14. The "Security Camp" is a free one day conference for university system, network, and security administrators. The goal of the conference is to share the experiences of those responsible for maintaining computing security in the higher education environment so all may benefit from our collective experience. Opportunities to network with other University staff will be provided throughout the day.

[Yes, the above conflict. No, apparently they are unaware of the wonders of Google and calendars]

MIT Spam Conference

March 27-28. Topics for 2008 include not just plain spam, but "other cybercrimes" such as phishing, IM spam, SMS spam, MMORPG spam, blog spam, trackback spam, photo spam, stock pump-and-dumps, email con games, exploit marketing, zombie bots and bot armies, setting up antispam systems, and antispam countermeasures including hardware, software, wetware, and blue-ware (i.e. employing the police).

April 7-11. I will be covering RSA for the blog this year and will "Twitter-cast" (more on that later) from RSA as I did at Shmoocon. I may even take a recorder and try to get some interviews, or at least put some folks on the spot. No, I am not going to start YASP (Yet Another Security Podcast), but if I get anything good I will post it somewhere and post links from the blog. Besides lurking in the press room, wandering the floor, attending sessions and attending the Security Bloggers' Meetup, I will be working with people from my "day job" to help set up a smaller blogger event. More on that as it develops.

I am disappointed that I will not be able to go to the events twelve miles from my office, but I am looking forward to RSA- even if it is 3200 miles away.