Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pointless Security "Conversations"

There are many great sources of security information, but lately it seems that more and more of the commentary deteriorates to something equivalent to this:

It's a dog!
No it's not!
Is too!
I like kittens.
You just don't understand how dogs work.
Maybe if we feed it dog food...
And so on.

Meanwhile, dog or not, we're here looking for the paper towels, because we have to clean up after "it".

I don't want to discourage anyone from following blogs, forums, or any other source of information- but if you don't add your own BS filter, you will get frustrated and miss some great information.

My approach to dealing with this is twofold:
First, whenever commenting, I try to add to the conversation in a meaningful way and include relevant information where appropriate.
Second, I tend to skim over the pointless posts and avoid "feeding the trolls".

I will admit that sometimes I fall short and add incite instead of insight, but I'm working on it.