Friday, August 3, 2007

Exploring the IT Community

How's your training budget? How about the budget for consultants and analysts? Yeah, I don't get to spend much either.

It is ok, though, there are plenty of great resources available for little or no money through user groups and similar organizations. I have the luxury of being in the Greater Boston area where we have an abundance of great user groups, but they are everywhere.

A couple of ways to find them-
On the (mostly) Windows front, Culminis Alliance has a good User Group Locator.
Linux user groups are everywhere, take a look at for a good starting point.
Also, there are a growing number of Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) teams.
If you happen to be in the Greater Boston area, check out Boston User Groups for a list of regional groups (full disclosure, I am the Vice President of Boston User Groups).
Don't be put off if your particular interest doesn't have a group of its own in your area, check it out and see if there might be some overlap.
Also, on the security front, there are groups like ISSA and the FBI's InfraGard.

Next time, some of my favorite local groups. Even if you aren't in the area, check out their online offerings and maybe join the maillists.