Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Convert!

My wife is an intelligent woman (her fondness for me notwithstanding), but she has a "low-tech" job and is not particularly fond of computers. She does grudgingly admit that computers are good for some things, like email, searches and maps (but not much else). One of her work-related activities involves helping resolve personnel and contractual disputes- and that requires wading through a bewildering mass of contractual, policy and labor law documentation. She recently learned of an initiative to move most of the relevant documentation online and provide online management of active issues. Upon hearing of this wonderful new system, her first words were "How secure will it be?". A convert! In spite of the potential relief this would bring, her first thought was about the security of employment records.

She elaborated on her concerns- not only was she worried about the security of the website, she pointed out that the website in question currently required a username and password. Unfortunately, since the site doesn't currently have anything of value, she doesn't use a good password and doubts anyone else does- and doubts that will change.

She gets it. Maybe not the nuts and bolts, but the ideas. I don't know how much impact her concerns will have on the overall project, but in the big picture, every voice counts.