Monday, June 25, 2007

Security Anecdote Theater, episode 1

I frequently travel from Cape Cod to Rhode Island, which means I drive Interstate 195 regularly. On I-195, shortly after you enter RI from Massachusetts, there is a nondescript, single-story block building on the right, near an overpass. It was pretty small, but they added on a couple of times- building out each time, not up. After decades in the same location, the company recently moved to a larger facility. Odd that they gave up a convenient and high-visibility location instead of just building a second floor. Especially considering that they are an elevator company.

Actually, it isn't odd at all. Elevator parts tend to be large and heavy, carting them around on a single level makes much more sense than moving them up and down- even if you happen to be in the elevator business.

So maybe the answer that appears obvious, the answer that you are familiar with- is not the best answer.